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Easter Basket Chocolates

Getting stuff together to put in my children (and husband’s) Easter baskets is always so much fun for me! With spring in the air and the summer heat arriving soon I usually put some type of swimming or water toys in my kids baskets. This year I will be flying in from out of town late Saturday night to be home in time for Easter so I have had to do a lot of my shopping AND chocolate making a head of time. Luckily I was able to receive a fun package from Chocoley just in time to use their chocolates, molds, wrappers, sprinkles, and other fun stuff to add into this years Easter baskets. I got the package in the mail and started baking right away! I was like a little girl on Christmas opening that package! I am pretty sure that I will be ordering molds and fun stuff from their website for every single holiday! I also made some Easter sugar cookies from my family to enjoy! I used the same recipes from here and they turned out great! I am still working on my decorating skills so they aren’t perfect but I’m a work in progress in that area! So bare with me as a learn! 

My set up for the chocolate making night! 

I ordered a variety of sprinkles from the website and a few of their molds
 Easter suckers made with white chocolate, milk chocolate, some with caramel filling, and lollipop sticks
 I used different colors of dye to turn the white chocolate into fun colors for my kids. I used the colorful cocoa butter for the yellow and pink and coloring oils for the purple.  These are both super easy to use.
Fun Easter Foil Wrappers that they also have in plain colors
Some Close-Ups of one of my son’s Easter Basket
And here are the Easter Bunny foot prints (I cut out a foot print on a sheet of paper and then used powdered sugar in a shifter and did the stencil to create the foot prints) that led to the Easter Baskets!
Happy Easter to my little boy Remington! 
And hope you all have a great Easter too!

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