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The BEST Cheese Ball

I feel like every holiday party needs a cheese ball! It is a staple in my book. One of my favorite things to munch on! They can be made a head of time, only have 5 ingredients, and is always a crowd pleaser!

The Best Cheese Ball

1 large block cream cheese (3 or 5 lb. block; can be found at Coscto)
6 teaspoons Bon Appetit seasoning
3 teaspoons mustard
9 chopped green onions
pecans, chopped

Mix cream cheese, seasoning, mustard, and green onions until smooth. Form into a ball. Roll in pecans. Serve with crackers. (store in refridgerator)

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  1. This is the same recipe my mom has used for years and it's delicious. It wouldn't be a holiday without it!

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